Polímeros para microencapsulación textil


The Microencapsulation is a technology that allows any active ingredient or scent to be applied to different types of materials, making them unique. The microcapsules, from 2 to 8 microns size, are suitable for being anchored in porous textile fabric (textile microencapsulation). The microencapsulation protects the active ingredient from the action of different physical or chemical agents that could affect it, thus preserving its original features and improving the durability of its effects.



The textile microencapsulation can be applied to sports clothing not only as an insect repellent but also for skin care; in mattresses and bedding combining anti-bacterial, anti-fungal treatments and scents; in healthcare workers’ uniforms as a disinfectant, or it can be even industrially applied when cleaning carpets, seats, laundry, etc. where disinfectant active ingredients are used in conjunction with suitable scents according to the environment in which they are applied to: offices, hotels, planes, shops, etc. Microencapsulation is the perfect technology for the olfactory marketing.

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The Scutum Project

Smart Essences is actively involved in the Scutum Project, developing insect repellent microcapsules with different formulations, both natural and chemical, which are incorporated into textiles or other surfaces to create a barrier or shield against insect bites. Those products treated with textile microencapsulation and their replacement capsules are donated to several NGOs in India in order to fight disease transmission. The results are more than satisfactory. Smart Essences will also devote 0.7% of its turnover for donations to several NGOs.