After much effort, BiteMosquito finally arrives in our lives… and its mission is none other than to offer the world an effective and efficient resource against annoying vector stings.

This ideal, that embarked us in this great adventure, would not have been possible without the great professionals who have been involved in this great project, like all the human equipment of Smart Essences, that has facilitated and supporBitemosquitoted us in the search of the ideal repellent and Suitable for our little ones, with the sole purpose of achieving an effective product that not only meets the highest standards but is respectful of the environment. With Oeko-Tex 100 certification and free of Permetrine!!

Finally, our online stores open online today, both on facebook and our official store where you can buy our
T-shirts for you and the people you care about… because with protection, Enjoy yourself more and better!!!

!Many thanks!