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Smart Essences, Antimosquito, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Tiger: BiteMosquito launch antimosquito shirts

After much effort, BiteMosquito finally arrives in our lives… and its mission is none other than to offer the world an effective and efficient resource against annoying vector stings.

This ideal, that embarked us in this great adventure, would not have been possible without the great professionals who have been involved in this great project, […]

21 January 2017|

Presented in IESE Auto: Smart Essences finalist in Innovation Corner.

14 finalist at Innovation Corner by CIAC, presented en 31 IESE Auto, thanks you to Vicenç Aguilera and Ferrán Verdejo.

Smart Essences presented an innovation technology for the seats and carpets, applying antibacterial / scented microcapsules.

Smart Essences provide nanotechnology to Automotion sector, improving the customer experience.

Four key points most listen in the event: electrical car, […]

17 November 2016|

Smart Essences has granted accreditation WIS (Web of Interest Health)

The Evaluator Committee has granted accreditation WIS (Web of Interest Health) to the web Smart Essences. intelligent and eco-friendly fabrics.


17 July 2016|

Verdalia distributes fragrances and mosquito repellents produced by Smart Essences

Verdalia is a leader in the marketing of decorative artificial turf high-end, in collaboration with Smart Essences have developed a range of accessory products to artificial turf to enjoy them in an intelligent way, it is about products with nanotechnology applied scent of freshly cut grass and antimosquitos one, so that when he stepped […]

19 June 2016|

Smart Essences develops headbands and ponytails for Innoatek with nanocapsules.


5 June 2016|

¿Qué es el marketing olfativo?

¿Qué es el marketing olfativo?

October 29, 2014

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El sentido del olfato es el único de los cinco sentidos que está conectado directamente a la parte del cerebro que procesa la emoción, la memoria y el aprendizaje asociado. Somos capaces de recordar mucho mejor algo que olemos que algo que hemos […]

6 November 2014|

Dengue case raises red flag

Dengue case raises red flag
Hong Kong – october 27, 2014

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The first locally transmitted dengue case in four years is a cause of great concern, the health minister said.
Ko Wing-man said the government is on full alert and there may be more cases as the upcoming winter is expected to be […]

6 November 2014|

El Consell instará a los municipios a reforzar la lucha antimosquitos

El Consell instará a los municipios a reforzar la lucha antimosquitos

El Consell instará a los municipios a reforzar la lucha antimosquitos ( El Periódico Mediterraneo – 05/09/2014 )

Tras las numerosas molestias ocasionadas a los vecinos de diversos municipios de la provincia, que han sufrido las consecuencias de las plagas de mosquitos en sus propias […]

7 September 2014|

An easier way to manipulate malaria genes

An easier way to manipulate malaria genes

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
August 10, 2014

Published by MIT News (

Plasmodium falciparum, the parasite that causes malaria, has proven notoriously resistant to scientists’ efforts to study its genetics. It can take up to a year to determine the function of a single gene, which has slowed efforts […]

11 August 2014|

Kerry Sanders prueba la app anti-mosquitos

Kerry Sanders prueba la app anti-mosquitos

31 de julio

Ver noticia completa en TODAY Tech (

El reportero de la NBC News, Kerry Sanders, realiza en directo la prueba de una app que, pretendidamente, ahuyenta a los mosquitos.

1 August 2014|