The Scutum Project

Explaining the benefits of using textiles treated with mosquito repellent microencapsulation Scutum is a Hispanic-Indian project started in 2008 with the aim of developing advanced nontoxic insecticide textiles to prevent tropical diseases transmitted by the mosquito, especially malaria. The project has been funded by various Spanish and Indian companies and business associations as well as the CDTI. The project also involved the NGO ‘Fundación Vicente Ferrer’.

The development and application of nontoxic insecticide microcapsules both in natural and synthetic clothing in order to avoid mosquito bites, insect that causes over a million deaths a year in the developing countries, is already a reality. Therefore, now it is possible to manufacture sheets, pyjamas, shirts, etc, with smart fabrics with microcapsules that protect people from mosquito bites that transmit tropical diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Filariasis and Schistosomiasis among others.

Test product in India

There are other products on the market to combat mosquito bites – treated mosquito nets, repellents with DEET (chemical product for the skin), insecticide sprays, vaccines or medicines. However, the products developed in the Scutum Project differ from them all because they are neither toxic nor intrusive, being simple to implement as well as fully portable. Furthermore, the use of an advanced technique to fix the microcapsules to the textile allows clothing to remain effective even after 40 washes.

In the following videos you can see the effectiveness of the product developed in the Scutum project. Both have been recorded by the scientists who tested the products and, despite the poor quality of the recordings, they clearly show the results. This first video corresponds to a test in which the mosquitoes are exposed to bait which is not impregnated with any substance, so the mosquitoes access to it without any difficulty:

This other video shows how mosquitoes do not approach the bait when it is impregnated with the developed repellent substance:

Note: In both videos, the black device placed above the bait is a heater to keep the bail at a suitable temperature.