Smart Fabrics: Applications

Smart Fabrics for sport and outdoors

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Smart fabrics in sportswear and outdoor activities: T-shirts, trousers, socks, caps, tents, backpacks, umbrellas, mosquito nets, sleeping bags, stretchers, etc. with insect repellents, Aloe Vera and other active ingredients for skin care, deodorants and various aromas.

Textile microcapsules applied to rest


Application on mattresses, mattress-covers, sheets or covers with textile microcapsules in order to create smart textile fabrics with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, scent or Aloe Vera active ingredients. Ionized® can also be applied, a microencapsulation product that releases negative ions providing a perfect rest thanks to the restoring of the cations balance.

Home Fragrances

Household and garden linen

Application of long-lasting fragrances to household linen: lavender, jasmine, wild flowers, berries, herbs,… combined with insect repellent for the treatment of textiles for garden and outdoor use.

Industrial applications of smart fabrics

Industrial applications

The industrial applications of microencapsulated textiles to create smart fabrics are numerous: cleaning and disinfecting offices, hospitals, hotels, planes, trains; anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatments in hospital uniforms; application of active ingredients for skin care in hospital beds etc.

Industrial laundry

Industrial laundry

The textile microencapsulation is ideal for application in industrial laundries during the finishing process in the cleaning of clothes: bed-linens, matresses and upholstery in hotels, schools, hospitals, gyms, etc. It deepens the customer’s experience, awakening the desire to use the textiles, once they’ve been cleaned. This is thanks to the soft aromas emanating from the product, making its use attractive and satisfying.

Olfactory Marketing

Olfactory Marketing

The olfactory marketing creates a hallmark of the brand, reinforces its image and provides a priceless added value. Microencapsulation helps to add olfactory marketing fragrances more efficiently and in a more lasting way than traditional diffusers; it also allows their combination with disinfectant and insecticide active ingredients that provide complementary effects.

Your artificial turf smelling as freshly cut grass


i-Turf is a microencapsulated product whose chemical composition is based on an organic complex of slightly anionic nature. The microcapsules contain active essential oils that provide an aroma of freshly cut grass. It is ideal for artificial turf in combination with insecticide and disinfectant elements.