Fragrances for Linen Supplies and Gardening

Linen Fragrances

In Smart Essences we have created an endless range of fragrances to enjoy a clean and fresh environment at home that is preserved for a long time as the very first day thanks to microencapsulation techniques. The textile microcapsules are applied when washing towels, sheets, tablecloths, napkins and any other textile product that can be washed at home. Fragrances can also be applied by spraying on sofas, rugs, carpets, etc. In these cases, we can combine the aromatic microcapsules with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial microcapsules to ensure an impeccable cleaning, which is ideal for people allergic to dust mites.

Insect repellent Microcapsules for the garden

A fragrance of roses, lavender, jasmine, wild flowers, berries or herbs allow us to create the most suitable environment for our home. Each application lasts several days and ensures a uniform product release, which only occurs when needed.

For gardening garments, the combination of fragrances with insect repellent scientifically developed by Smart Essences in the Scutum project ensures a secure environment free from annoying insects. The efficacy of this product has been tested and proven in the harshest environments, such as the tropics of India. Besides, this product is completely harmless to humans.

Other applications…