Natural Scent with i-Turf

i-Turf, scent of freshly cut grass

i-Turf is a microencapsulated product whose chemical composition is based on an organic complex of a slightly anionic basis. The microcapsules contain active essential oils that provide an aroma of freshly cut grass. The product developed by Smart Essences makes artificial turf release a scent that minimizes its difference from real grass.

The microcapsules are applied by spraying on the surface of artificial grass and, outdoor, it lasts for several months depending on the weather, especially the rain. The active ingredient is slowly released by the friction that occurs when walking or lying over the treated surface, the aroma being only spread when using the space.

i-Turf microcapsules can be combined with disinfectant (anti-fungal and antibacterial) and insecticide active ingredients for the complete treatment of our artificial turf.

Other applications…