Industrial laundry and microencapsulated

Clothes for the laundry

The textile microencapsulation is ideal to use in clean clothes: home, hotels, schools, hospitals, gym’s etc. Increases customer experience, awakening sensations when used once clean through the application of gentle aromas. With a simple finishing process by spraying the product in its final phase, a result that allows the laundry to offer its customers a more elaborate and satisfactory is obtained.

In the health sector, for example, you can differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a finish that allow, through the application of microcapsules with antibacterial barrier, protects health and patient until the next laundry process. This same protection may apply to linens to ensure a hygienic environment. And not just in health care settings, but also in schools, holiday camps and hotels to name a few. From Smart Essences will help you choose the right one for your laundry according to the type of services offered and the needs of its customers product.

In cleaning quilts and rugs, the application of microencapsulated also allows us to provide a laundry service with unique finish and very high quality. In this case, addition of flavoring agents and / or disinfectants active ingredients can be applied to new generation.

In this video we show how easy it is to apply in laundry products Essences Smart microencapsulated to provide an exceptional finish.

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