Olfactory Marketing

Smart Essences, Olfactory Marketing Specialists

The olfactory marketing creates a hallmark of the brand, reinforcing its image and giving a priceless added value. It is all about going beyond and reaching customers through emotions and senses and not just offering specific products, creating unique and unforgettable experiences that create long-lasting memories.

The Olfactory Marketing also allows creating environments that are consistent with all that we want our brand to transmit: vigor, action, relaxation, … All these feelings can be evoked through smell. This feature allows you to extend the application of the olfactory marketing to new environments such as the workplace, where we can create the right olfactory environment for each type of work: repetitive, creative, passive, active, etc.

The Microencapsulation of scents allows us to create the desired mood in a far better effective and long-lasting way compared to traditional diffusers, as the preservation of the essence is assured and its release is much more gradual and uniform. The Microencapsulation also allows the combination of a scent with disinfectant and insecticide active ingredients without distorting the aroma, obtaining several additional functional effects with a single application.

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