Industrial applications of functional textiles

The industrial application of functional textiles with microencapsulated active ingredients opens new possibilities unthinkable so far, which pose a significant cost saving and greatly improve the efficiency of the action of active ingredients as the microshell protects them from the action of physical or chemical agents which may alter their properties. Moreover, it ensures their release just when they are needed, so that the efficiency and durability is improved compared to the direct application of the product without microencapsulation.

Health sector

Functional Textiles for the Health Service

The application of disinfectant active principles (anti-fungal and bactericidal) in surgical clothing and drapes are an additional element that helps fight hospital infections. Microencapsulated disinfectants can also be applied in sheets and bedding as well as patient gowns creating functional textiles which care for patients by providing them with a friendly and secure environment.

In bedding, specific microencapsulated active principles can be applied for skin care. That is a technique especially useful in patients requiring long periods of immobilization.

In all cases, the application of microencapsulated products can be applied in industrial washing processes. For disposable gowns and booties, the application is preferred during the textile manufacturing process of the product, which will remain intact and unaltered until the time it is used.

Cleaning of airplanes, ships, trains, etc.

Microencapsulated disinfectants, insecticides and scents

The use of microencapsulated products allows reducing the number of applications of disinfectants, insecticides and aromatic agents significantly, as a single application effects will remain for several days. The product is applied by spraying on carpets, seats, curtains, etc. The microcapsules are adhered to tissues slowly releasing the active ingredients they contain.

The microcapsules can also be applied in the textile finishing process in the manufacturing of the seat protectors that are often placed at the top of the passengers’ back seat.

Cleaning of offices and shops

Functional Textiles for a better working environment

Microencapsulated products are ideal for their application in carpets using disinfectant active ingredients (anti-fungal and antibacterial), insecticides and aromatic agents, which provide them with functional textile properties. The product is applied by spraying, being adhered to the textile materials and ensuring a durability of several days thanks to the gradual release of the contents. As each microcapsule contains one single active ingredient, it will remain unaltered until it is released, thus preserving its full effect.


In addition to the specific applications listed above, an endless range of similar applications may be listed. Thanks to the durability and incorruptibility of the active ingredients that the microencapsulation provides, significant cost savings and significant improvements can be obtained in the efficiency of the enhanced products:

  • Company promotional products, travel agencies, etc.
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Theaters and showrooms
  • Playschools and nurseries
  • Uniforms
  • etc.

Other applications…