Sports and Outdoors

Textile finishing with microencapsulation to protect us in activities outdoors

In outdoor activities, textiles with microencapsulation finishing allow to offer a different and higher value to the end user. The active ingredients developed by Smart Essences for the Scutum project work as insect repellents whose long-lasting efficacy has been proven in the harshest environments, such as the tropics of India. Furthermore, it is a completely harmless product to humans.

In the scientific tests conducted by Smart Essences, it has been proved that the application of microcapsules can be carried out both in processes for textile finishing and domestic washing with the same level of efficiency. Even with a simple spray application on textile garments before use, it is found that the microencapsulation increases its effectiveness from hours to days, making it an ideal product for clothes, sheets, sleeping bags, camping tents, upholstery, curtains and any textile support that may be used in our outdoor activities.

Microencapsulation allows combining the insect repellent product with any aroma we prefer without diminishing its effectiveness, as both microcapsules remain separate until the time of the product release, preventing any alteration of the different active ingredients due to their mixture.

Textile Finishing in clothing and sports equipment

Textile Intelligence at the service of Sport

The application of microencapsulation in clothing textile finishing and sports equipment offers new possibilities by allowing garments incorporate products for the skin care, such as extracts of Aloe Vera as well as other specific active ingredients against irritations and abrasions. In extreme sports, where the amount of weathering and sweat are higher, deodorant products can also be combined to avoid excessive perspiration. Even active antifungal and antibacterial microcapsules can be added to prevent the opportunistic action of these microorganisms in the most battered skin areas of the athlete.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, socks, caps, wristbands, etc. are products in which the application of microencapsulated textile finishing processes allows us to provide a highly technical product with such performance never imagined to date. The durability and resistance provided by the textile microencapsulation ensure the action of active ingredients beyond 60 washes with the same effectiveness as the first day. In addition, after these 60 washings, you will be able to purchase microencapsulated products to be applied during the future washings and thus renew the effect of the active ingredients for longer.

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